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UAT-Online's innovative program uses an online curriculum that allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home or where your creativity flows best. When you graduate, you will have a complete game concept or idea in a playable form for your portfolio.

What degree?
UAT-Online offers an Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree in Game Design and Game Art and Animation, as well as an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in Game Programming. Additionally, the Master of Science in Game Production and Management Degree can be completed online.

How Does UAT-Online Work?
At the undergraduate level, classes are taken one at a time and last five weeks each. Three classes will be taken each semester for a total of 15 weeks per semester. Courses are taken sequentially in order to build on the foundation of previous skills learned, which helps to increase overall understanding and comprehension. If you are interested in UAT's Masters of Science Online, we have the Game Production and Management degree.

For an associate's degree, a total of 60 credit hours are required.

For a bachelor's degree, a total of 120 credit hours are required.

For a master's degree, a total of 36 credit hours are required.

How Much?

2012-2013 Tuition Costs and Fees

When can I start?
Apply anytime. UAT-Online classes start every five weeks.
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