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Students are encouraged to form game groups to create their own game projects. Through these teams, students learn team work, organization, self-discipline and project management. And a bonus: all project members end up with a killer demo reel to include in their portfolios. Read the designers diaries, documentation and discussions as they struggle to finish the game on time and on budget.


Zero Barrier
Terrorism has been brought to the United States, your daughter has been kidnapped, and a feared high profile terrorist has been broken out of jail, you must defend the United States, save your daughter, and keep this terrorist from leaving the country. There's only one've got to find her first! Read More


Star Flight
Starflight: The Lost Colony" is a 2D space RPG, based on the 1986 game "Starflight", which was published by EA. We received permission from the original license holders to make an official sequel, so long as we didn't make money with it. It was written from scratch (not a mod!) in C++ using the Allegro graphics library, as well as the fmod sound library and Lua for scripting. Site: Read More


Ink!, a 2D platformer / brawler, combines classic game genres in a unique manner. In Ink everything is black and white; color has been stripped from every corner of the world. Vern, an aspiring young artist, is out to use the talents he has learned for one mission: to repaint the world. Vern will have to travel through 16 levels and 4 worlds to accomplish this feat. Everything in the Ink world has been hand drawn by our artists, including all of the art assets and animations. Read More


Michael Eilers is heading up an original game Wellspring a game design based on the characteristics of many arcade classics. It is an action-oriented puzzle game with elements of Robotron, Marble Madness, Pengo and many other Golden Age classics crossed with high school science experiments. Read More


Red Orchestra
UAT distance student Jason Mohr assisted a team spread out across the world with Unreal mod, Red Orchestra. It takes place during World War II on the Eastern Front. That's right, no Americans: just Soviets and Nazis having it out. Read More


COR is an Unreal mod that is about giant, tranforming robots. Characters can run around in robot form, using various weapons to unleash a world of hurt on their enemies. They can zoom around as a vehicle while using special character-specific abilities to devastate with strategy. Neither of those sound interesting to you? Get in close with the enemies and unleash a powerful combo of melee attacks, inspired by classic fighting games. Read More


Sasha Koruga is aiming to take advantage of the particularly unique style of ninja presented by Naruto in a 3D tactical game. The team is creating a 3D tactics engine from scratch with DirectX. Read More


The Governing
Nate Cox is working with a team on a Far Cry mod, The Governing. It's going to be in a Fantasy and Science Fiction setting and will have role-playing elements. Read More


Jeremy Heesch is undertaking the daunting task of creating a 3D game engine from scratch. He's creating an engine for tactical RPG's but is working to make the gameplay more fast paced and interesting, implementing a style of play called "controlled chaos". Read More


Crimson Irregulars
Summer 2002. For a class project, a group of game design and game programmers  got together, with help from their friends, to create a mod for the popular StarCraft game. Read More.


Lost Shadows
Spring 2003-present.The group project, code-named Lost Shadows, plans to use Unreal Tournament as the game engine to convert into their own version with a new story line (vampires that try to take over the world) and characters (gun-toting vampires). Read More.


Fall 2003-present. Four students banded together to create a game that morphed from a programming exercise into an full-fledged game. MAL is a 2D platform game that was created with XML, while the graphics were rendered using OpenGL. Read More.


Age of Mythology
What's it like to make the paper plans for a large, complex mod? Read more about the game designers as they map out their strategy.


Warcraft Mod
A UAT mod group is creating a game to showcase game strategies and techniques—while honing their skills and gaining portfolio pieces. Read more


Seas of Venus
Spring 2004. A new mod with Battlefield 1942, but this time it will be based in the future. And on another planet. Instead of World War II-era planes and ships on Earth, they must create spacecraft and a Venusian environment, complete with man-eating foliage. Read More


Never Winter Nights
Spring 2003. Another group is working on a modification of Never Winter Nights using a scenario editor. The group, lead by instructor Michael Eilers, is almost ready to start testing. After that phase is completed, they plan to make the Scales of Decision game available for free downloads. Read more


Spring 2004. A group of game design students at UAT have banded together to create a game to play on Game Boy. Right now, the group is still in the alpha stage, under the supervision of UAT instructor Mike Eilers. The game, with the working title "Festival," revolves around a young boy and his robot exploring a technology festival in a culture that is increasingly hostile to the encroachment of technology on traditional life and labor. Read more