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Where Are the Video Game Jobs?

A degree in games, doesn't mean you can only work in the video game industry. With training in game design, game art and animation, game programming or game production, you can easily succeed in other fields.


The academic field and publishers of educational software and games are seeking creative types who are comfortable with multimedia software. Publishers of educational materials need people to design, program and come up with the concepts for CD-ROM games to help Johnny learn to read and write.


Corporate publishing firms need people to create training and simulation software to teach their workers. For example: airlines use flight-simulation packages to keep their pilot skills up to date. Military defense contractors need software to educate their technicians on how to operate satellites, telescopes and other hardware.

Gaming/Gambling Industry

The game industry needs creative and technical people to create and maintain arcade games, online gambling features and casino games.

The gambling industry needs people who can design and maintain games that are fun, but based largely on luck. As the Internet gambling industry expands, online casinos are looking for more thrilling games to attract gamblers.


As Internet advertising expands, companies are looking for better ways to attract people to their websites. Interactive ads are becoming a popular way of doing that. Similarly, companies include fun, interactive content on their sites to draw traffic and enforce brand loyalty.

Or... use your own creativity.. .

UAT students have invented entirely new uses for video game technology. Imagine a driving program realistic enough to train new drivers, giving them experience in a safe environment. One student has created realistic 3D simulations of architectural designs for developers. Another built training films for surgeons preparing for a complicated retinal procedure.