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The University of Advancing Technology offers bachelor's and associate's degrees in game art and animation, game design, Serious Game and Simulation or game programming, and a Master's degree in game production and management.

Quality Game School
UAT has been recognized by top video game magazines for its video game program.

UAT has been recognized by both industry and other reviewers for the quality of its game programs. UAT Alumni are employed across the industry at most of the major game companies and many of the smaller game design studios in operation around the country. In early 2012, UAT was recognized by the Princeton Review as being in the top 50 game design schools in the country. Placement on this list puts UAT in the top 10% of schools offerings game degree programs. UAT’s game design programs are well over a decade old, and have matriculated hundreds of students into the industry.

Create Your Own Game
Create Your Own Game Learn the processes and skills required to break into one of today's hottest industries in game design and game programming! UAT students are immersed in creative and conceptual areas such as character development, 3D modeling and animation, game documentation, game balance, interactive storytelling, and interface development.

By the end of the program, a UAT student's skills and knowledge will culminate in a complete game concept or idea in a playable form. That's right, you will make your own game!

Online or on campus?
All of the game degrees at UAT are available on campus or through UAT-Online. Except serious game and simulation which is currently only available on campus.

Decide on your major
Students have five degree major options at UAT:

Game Art and Animation
The Game Art and Animation program combines elements of art and design with game-building technology with a focus on artistic principles, skills and techniques required to create assets and content for game projects.

Game Design
The game design program was created to train talented designers who understand the technology needed to produce top-level games.

Serious Game and Simulation
The Bachelor of Arts in Serious Game and Simulations is designed for those students who want to apply game concepts in serious settings to achieve strong results. Designing games for physical or cognitive therapies, building games designed to teach and many other applications are explored. This program was created with industry experts to meet their needs.

Game Production and Management
The Master of Science in Game Production and Management is designed for students with bachelor's degrees who want to continue their education in game design and game programming while creating complete, complex games.

Game Programming
The focus is on the software engineering that goes behind the scenes of a game: The code. Modeling. Animation. Interaction and interface design. All the hardware and software tools that must be mastered in order to produce a game in today's industry.